As the clocks go back and the leaves begin to break out in a riot of colours, my fishing instincts switch over to the more predatory species in our lakes and rivers for the winter.

Before then though there was just time to fit a 48 hour session in on the syndicate lake to have one last go for the Carp.

I decided to head down on Saturday afternoon and, with a day off booked at work, stay on until the Monday afternoon.

It had been busy in the last few weeks due to the autumn rush of Carpers trying to net a fish or two that were up in weight, but I arrived to find just one of other angler.

Opting to fish at the opposite end of the lake to him to give us both some space I spotted a few fish rolling in the bay that I’d concentrated my efforts on throughout the summer.

With a couple of nights ahead of me I opted to put a decent bed of 16 and 20mm boilies down to give the fish in the area something to move on to.

One rod was fished on a 20mm bottom bait in a PVA bag, the other on a 16mm pop-up.

Despite a few fish rolling the first evening things remained quiet until mid morning on the Monday.

Out of nowhere the pop-up rod indicated a single bleep, followed by another, before locking up completely as a hard fighting carp ejected the lead and exploded on the surface in front of me.

Despite the recent cold weather the weed in the lake is still prolific and very thick in places so a rather nervy fight ensued for a few minutes before I was able to slip the net under a lovely mid-double common.

It weighed 15lb 8ozs on the scales and, although not the biggest fish I’ve had this season, it was great to catch a beautiful bar of autumn gold.

That’s pretty much it for this year on the carp front for me, unless we hit a particularly mild spell during the winter and the carp switch on.

I’ve spent the summer watching some monstrous pike patrolling the margins whilst out stalking the carp so I’m keen to put one or two of them on the bank, particularly with my new fly rod!

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