Anyone who has been reading my latest blogs will know that I’m a massive fan of stalking Carp on the surface in the margins. It’s a deadly method for fish of all sizes and at this time of year it’s probably the most exciting approach you can think of.

My local Pike and Roach water has suffered from a massive growth of blanket weed in all this hot weather so I’ve temporarily put the Pike Fly Fishing and Float Fishing on hold to concentrate back on the Carp.

To be honest most of my ‘fishing time’ has been spent doing a recce of dozens of different waters in and around East Yorkshire so actual time spent fishing has been limited. That said, I’ve been able to get a good look at the stamp of fish in a lot of waters and pick and choose the best looking ones to focus on throughout the summer.

Inevitably though I’ve had the itch to wet a line when I’ve been out and about – you can’t spend all the time watching them and not having a go at catching one or two! – so I’ve been travelling around with the floater gear in the car and a bottom bait rod just in case I see an opportunity.

On a recent visit to a few waters I decided I needed to get into a few fish so paid a visit to Pool Bridge Farm just outside York.

In this muggy weather I was certain the Carp would be on the surface and sure enough, when I arrived at the packed out little Carp pool, the fish were all over the top!

To my surprise though not a single angler had thought to fish for them on the surface! Needless to say I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get a few fish on the bank so began feeding a combination of Bread, Mixers and Red Crustacean Soft Pellets into a little swim.

Within seconds I had a swarm of Carp devouring the baits and it took me a matter of a minute or two to get one on the bank.

The average size was around 5-6lb and I did get a double but it was great fun. Nevertheless it was great to get eight fish from literally under my feet in a short evening session, especially when others around me spent the evening staring at redundant floats and rod tips!

I did manage to shoot a small video which I uploaded to my YouTube Channel:

I was back at work on the Monday and thinking how much fun it had been to get a few nice fish on the bank so following work I headed straight back down for another short evening session.
Once again I was greeted by a few anglers with only a couple half-heartedly surface fishing with no joy.

I returned to the same swim and again within seconds of applying a few baits I had a shoal of very hungry Carp slurping down mixers.

I caught within a minute or so of casting out and managed to get four fish in the first 25 minutes. When I heard one of the other anglers complaining to his mate that he’d only had 3 fish all day I did have a bit of a wry smile to myself.

I continued to catch on the surface and managed two more doubles off the surface but I was intent on sneaking a couple out on bottom baits as well.

A small rig consisting of a 12mm Red Crustacean with a small PVA meshed bag of 12mms glugged in the Red Crustacean Dip was lowered in front of a rush bed and quietly positioned on the rod rest.

Within minutes the arching rod tip signalled a fish on and, after a fantastic fight, I slipped the net under the best fish of the session at 12lb 9oz.

I took a few self-takes of the fish, slipped it back and dropped another bait on the same spot. A similar result occurred as another fish, albeit a little smaller, quickly snaffled the Red Crustacean Boilie from the margins.

I did film another video which you can see below but I had to cut it short as I’d had so much action I ran out of memory on my iPhone!

Needless to say it was great fun and a brilliant way to spend a couple of summer evenings! I do wonder why more people don’t fish for the Carp on the surface but I guess sometimes fishing behind alarms is the top and bottom of Carp fishing for some anglers!


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